Our Team

Everyone in our practice is committed to providing you with the very best in dental healthcare. Our staff each bring a level of commitment and years of experience to the practice and have all attained high standards of professional qualification. Our primary goal is to provide excellence in all facets of dentistry and to carry it out in a gentle and caring manner.

Dr. David Chiang (Dentist)

Dr. Chiang is of firm belief that the role of the dental team is not only to treat patients but to educate them. He wants the patient to understand their role with the dental team to achieve optimal dental health. If you don't know already, he is very personable and has a great sense of humour. 

Dr. Sumaiya Ahmed (Dentist)

Dr. Ahmed deeply believes the needs of the patients always comes first. She provides a full range of dental procedures from simple fillings to full teeth makeovers. She is very kind, warm and comforting and truly loves children as she has three boys of her own.

Joy de Vera (Certified Dental Assisstant)

Joy has numerous years of dental experience. She is an efficient and talented part of our team. She is friendly, caring and gives her all to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Joy enjoys music and deams of travelling the world. 

Catherine Tong (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Our Cathy has a decade of dental experience. Her years of commitment has given her a strong understanding of all medical conditions and their relationship to the oral cavity and overall health. She always strives to make our patients happy. Like many of our patients, she is a joyful and hardworking parent from Milton and she enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and swimming with her family.

Lucia Nguyen (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Our Lucy has been working for 4 years and she brings a fresh attitute and passion for providing oral health care and disease prevention. Lucy prides herself in staying current with latest research and provides patient-centered care based on evidence. She has a big heart and loves to connect with people of all shapes and sizes. Lucy enjoys her outings to watch sports games and try new food.